The Great Cleanout of 2016

I am sure there are many other vintage vendors that can relate to this post. Or just anyone who has that room in their house that has become a storage unit of sorts.

Over the past couple of years, Chris and I have amassed quite a collection. All good intentions were had. Of course the idea originally is to put these items in one of our booths or sell them through eBay or Etsy. Then sometimes things get shifted to the back of the storage unit. Maybe you plan to move it in to sell after this one thing sells and then when that does, you have something else to go in its place that doesn’t require sifting through a full unit. Maybe you had to buy it in order to get a better deal on what you really wanted and you just don’t know what to do with it yet. Maybe you realize later it just doesn’t have the right look you want for the intended space and you decide to let it sit while you figure out where to sell it. Whatever the reason, it happens.

Then one day you realize you have 3 storage units full of inventory and it is driving you crazy! Kind of like cleaning out a closet, those old items that had sat around for too long were pulled out and dusted off. Only it’s a really big closet. This week we took a 17 foot Uhaul stocked full of assorted furniture, tools, and household items to a local auction.



There was also a lot of new inventory since we bought out part of an estate earlier this month. We were able to completely revamp our booth at Catawba River Antique Mall, which was great!


Here is what the storage unit looked like after:


Yep, that’s after.




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